The Eden Team


christine, esthetician

"I love when I my clients leave glowing and happy, even with no makeup! Client transformation is my passion!"

After receiving her license in 2012, Christine began extensive training in different product lines. She focuses heavily on quality ingredients and educating herself on the latest discoveries in skincare.

Christine's Favorite Services:

Acne facials and acne related services. Having struggled with cystic acne herself, Christine is pleased when she can allow clients to feel unashamed and proud to flaunt their skin!


Gabriella, Esthetician

"I have extremely high standards for myself and my performance. I'm passionate about my profession, I constantly research and educate myself."

Gabriella has 36 years in working in the skincare industry. She originally studied in Hungary, where she also trained directly under the grandmother of Eminence Organic Skincare's founder, when it launched in 1990. She is always learning and looking for educational opportunities.

Gabriella’s Favorite Services:

Facials, permanent makeup, lash extensions. Loves to create, and provide her clients the reward of instant change!


Liz, Stylist

"I love when I can help my clients feel completely transformed & brand new.There is nothing I can't do for them."

With 12 years in the Hair Industry, Liz has obtained extensive product training, specializing in Keratin Treatments and Relaxers. She feels there is always more to learn and opportunities for growth.

Liz’s Favorite Services:

LOVES IT ALL! Especially razor cuts & complete transformations.


Alex, Stylist

"No one is YOU, and that is YOUR power."

Alex is a Paul Mitchell alumni with over 8 years in the Cosmetic & Hair Industry. She is trained and specializes in lash extensions, easihair pro extensions and Kuene color systems.

Alex’s Favorite Services:

Balayage/foilayage,  lashes, easihair pro & special occasion styles/updos.


Anthony, Stylist

"I'm like a Jedi, wielding a flat iron! I absolutely love making my clients feel AMAZING about themselves!"

With 13 years in the Hair Industry, Anthony is always working hard to further his education. He is certified in easihair pro & Revive hair extension/addition services, Kuene color systems and Nick Arrojo razors. In April 2019, Anthony received a magazine feature after training to become a Moroccan Oil expert.

Anthony’s Favorite Services:

Balayage & easihair pro hair addition services.


Randa, Stylist

"Nothing is impossible!"

Randa has been a part of the Hair Industry for over 46 years, and loves education; anywhere, anytime! She spent much of her career doing hair on sets for film and TV where she worked with an array of movie and television celebrities.

Randa’s Favorite Services:

Cuts, color, wigs & extensions.


Chelsea, Stylist

"I get really excited when clients leave my chair feeling good, no matter what else is going on in their lives."

Chelsea is a Paul Mitchell alumni with over 8 years in the Hair Industry. She came from Nashville, where she got the opportunity to work with many country music artists.

Chelsea’s Favorite Services:

Blondes, Blow outs & Styling


Alexandra, Stylist

"I want my clients to feel the same way I do.. BOLD, BRAVE and FEARLESS! I love where I work, and everyone on Team Eden."

Alexandra has received formal precision training in Manhattan, New York, where she also assisted a celebrity stylist. She has 9 years in the Hair Industry, is a balayage specialist and "foil fairy", as well as, easihair pro certified. She loves giving shampoos and is extremely .  meticulous about washing the scalp. This ensures the scalp is clean and free of product build up, which can inhibit hair health and growth.

Alexandra’s Favorite Services:

Styling, Balayage and Shampoos!


Sheena, stylist

“Life is pain, beauty shouldn’t be.”


Victoria, stylist

Victoria was raised in the industry and from as long as she can remember, all she ever wanted to do was be a cosmetologist. From the first time she walked into a salon as a child she knew that behind the chair is where she was always meant to be. From highlights and touch ups to haircuts and up-dos, Victoria loves it all. With assisting all the different talented stylists in the salon industry, every day was a learning experience and has helped her to become the woman she is today. She looks forward to making every client feel happy and beautiful everyday!

Victoria’s Favorite Services:


Ginger, salon manager

Keeping everyone organized and happy at such a fast-paced salon can be a challenge, but Ginger is perfect for the job! She thoroughly enjoys coming into the salon everyday and sharing her beautiful smile with the Eden team and clientele.


If you are interested in becoming part of our amazing team, please reach out to us via our contact page.